We are crossing Crete from east to west, on the road along the beautiful villages and majestic mountains, beautiful scenery, we will focus on the plateau of Arkadi Monastery. Arkadi Monastery was founded in the Byzantine era, its residents have been actively involved in the struggle for the independence of Crete from the Turks in the 19th century. In the museum of the monastery are the relics of the era. Continuing west, we stop in the town of Chania, where we will have a small tour of the old city. In the free time you will have the unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the city, to photograph the beautiful streets and buildings, and the opportunity to relax with a cup of Greek coffee. Next, we head west, in the village of Kournas, where we will visit the only naturally occurring lake in Crete. Our next stop - for lunch in the lush green countryside Argyroupolis. We will enjoy the Cretan cuisine, an ancient settlement Argyroupolis small waterfalls and a chapel in the left of the mountain.