Following the north coastline road of Crete we stop for a short break nearby Rethymnon before we continue our trip to Chania and Omalos'Plateau to the entrance of the Samaria gorge. Xyloskalo. From there we begin our descent, from an altitude of 1300m, and the long hike of the narrow path which crosses the famous Samaria's gorge National Park. The 16 km walk takes approx. 7 hours to complete (proper shoes are necessary). However the ever changing.view and the scent of pinewood and of the renowned aromatic cretan herbs, make the hike pleasant and the effort worthwhile. Following the path of the Tarras river, with its sparkling waters we'll come across a small beautiful ponds of crystal clear waters and some small interesting churches. Such as Agios Nikolaos and Ossia Maria (Sa - Maria) which gave the gorge its name, your interest will be high and you never feel fatigue or bored. On the way you will stop to drink the fresh cold water right from the spring of the rock or to check the numerous wells and caves to be found along our route. At the end of our hike there is enough time at Ag. Roumeli, for a meal in one of the local taverns, or just to enjoy a refreshing swim in the blue waters of the Libyan Sea. From Ag. Roumeli we take the boat for an one hour trip to Chora Sfakion, where our coach will meet us for the return journey via the scenic route of Imbros gorge, the plateau, and the villages Askifou and Vrisses.