We drive towards the west coast of Crete and start our day with a visit to the city of Rethymno. Third city of Crete, chief town of the department that bears his name, Rethymno is also the third port of the island of Crete. Like the city of Chania, Rethymno has a very attractive historical center. The old town forms a sort of triangle in which it is very pleasant to stroll along the typical narrow streets and to appreciate the various architectures of the houses, legacy of the invaders of the past We will continue our day by visiting the Peninsula of Akrotiri in Chania. Akrotiri is a circular peninsula on the east side of Chania city. Akrotiri has a long history, a lot of monuments and even more natural beauties. Along the coastline of Akrotiri someone can find all types of beaches, from small private ones to huge sandy beaches with lots of visitor, taverns etc. Most of Akrotiri Beaches are protected from the strong north winds of summer and are located in a short distance from the city (10-15 km). Also, in the center of the peninsula, on an extended table-land, there is the airport of Chania. We continue to our last stop the city of Chania which is not only the most beautiful city in Crete but one of the most beautiful in Greece: the covered market, its narrow streets with many shops, the cathedral, the old houses along nearby alleys the Venetian port, the lighthouse, so many things to see.