Knossos palace and the Archaeological museum of Heraklion

Among all the "ancient ruins" in Crete Knossos is the archaeological site that is a must-see to understand the greatness of the Minoan Civilization.The tour takes you to the island's capital, Iraklio, and from there to the village of Knossos where you will be driven through the ruins of the ancient palace complex: the labyrinths, galleries and halls of the Palace and the Royal Palace of King Minos. The continuous tour of Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, one of the most important museums in the world, home to all the original pieces of Knossos, as well as the findings and treasures of all the archaeological sites in Crete including frescoes, intricate gold jewelry and engraved linguistic tablets of the period. Continue to Heraklion with free time to stroll in the Cretan capital, take pictures and have lunch in a good central restaurant.Return to your hotel in the early afternoon.