Departure for the visit of the archaeological sites of Festos and Gortys. - The palace of Festos is located on the hill that rises to 70 meters in the largest plain of Crete, the plain of Messara. It is the second largest archaeological site after Knossos. It is cited, because of its importance, in the texts of ancient authors such as Diodorus, Strabo, Pausanias and Homer. View of the plain of Messara and Mount Ida. The beauty and strength of the place is due to the fact that its surroundings have remained completely untouched by any tourist complex, tavern or café. Here one contemplates just the Minoan palace and the magnificence of nature. - Continuation to the ruins of the Greco-Roman city of Gortys. This city is one of the oldest in Crete: there are some very interesting monuments, such as legislation in the wall of the Roman Odeon. - Continuation of the excursion towards the south of the island, and more particularly to Matala. Once a small fishing hamlet, Matala is today a modern tourist center. The site owes its fame to artificial caves dug into the cliff. Some of them were probably used as prehistoric dwellings before being used as a burial place in the 1st and 2nd century - Free time for shopping or swimming for those who prefer the clear and warm waters that border the mysterious rocks of this heavenly place.