Departure from the hotel after breakfast to discover the unknown part by visitors who stay by the sea we go to the highest mountain of the island Following this agricultural road, we will go through the villages and see the Cretans, farmers and shepherds.First stop Anogia, 800m high, this perched village, with its cafenions, where the ladies display their tablecloths and handicrafts.Second stop Zoniana, to visit the grottos of Sfedoni, with its stalactites and stalagmites that date back millions of years. Third stop Axos for lunch and tasting Cretan dishes, and after visiting the village where there are still mothers and grandmothers who prepare the troussot of their children, using the weaving machine.Last Stop Fodele, this village known by its orange groves,its greenhouses, and especially by its painter El Greco. Return to the Hotel after the great discovery of the island that is not only touristic but especially argicultural.