Gramvousa - a unique desert island consisting of sharp rocks and cliffs with wide sandy beaches. It included a blue lagoon of Balos, a century old fortress Gramvousa - (Smyrna), monasteries and churches. Natural beauty combined with rare plants and animals that make this place incredibly fabulous. Morning arrival at the port of Chania region. Departure from the port , Kissamos, where you can admire the geological phenomenon of ebbs and flows of the island of Crete. Arrival on the island Gramvousa, with the famous castle built in 1579 (Venetsian tzami )on thetopof a steep cliff. Panoramic views of the castle as well as the legend of the hidden pirate treasure, challenges to its visitors. On the way back, you can have lunch on board. After some time, arriving in Balos lagoon, where you can enjoy a swim in the clear waters of the lagoon crystal as did Prince Charles and Princess Diana in their honeymoon. Return to the portof Kissamos, where the bus will take you back to your hotel.